About us

We serve with kindness and empathy, following Christ's example for mankind.

Heart of Gold Home Care

Heart of Gold Home Care is a certified Provider Approved Service Agency (PASA) assisting persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities to build skills and pursue their goals. 

We believe that the Heart of a caregiver is one of hospitality, compassion, and responsibility. We treat the people we support like Gold. As precious human beings that sparkle and illuminate the world. We work together to create a Home. Places where people receive the Care they need and can find the rest, nourishment, healing and belonging they deserve. 

Mission Statement

Our name is an acronym of our Mission Statement:

Heart: Heart of a great care giver is one of hospitality, trust, compassion and responsibility.

Gold: Gold as a precious metal that sparkles, illuminates, has inner values and it is most life treasured.

Home: Home is one world that describes the place everyone should be able to find rest, nourishment, healing, comfort and belonging, irrespective of ability.

Care: We care because life matters.

Core Values

Trust: We honor every relationship we have be serving with trustworthiness and nobility.

Compassion: We serve with kindness and empathy, following Christ example for mankind.

Hospitality: We make a difference in our clients’ life by making them feel valued and loved.

Responsibility: It is our responsibility to meet the needs of every participant that we have been entrusted with.

We accept CES, SLS & DD Waivers

• Residential (IRSS)

• Respite

• Community Connector

• Personal Care

• Mentorship

• Homemaker