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What We Do

Individual Residential Services and Support/Host home (DD)

Heart of Gold Home Care focuses on providing services and support in a single living and host home setting for participants with intellectual and developmental disabilities, who do not live at home with families. HOG ensures development of functional skills necessary for participants to live and participate excellently in the community. Through constantly monitoring of participant for safety. Also enhances individual independence necessary for personal freedom through self-advocacy training and cognitive services.

Personal Care (SLS/CES)

Our personal care services provide all those necessary personnel and supports to meet the daily living needs of every participants with developmental disability residing in Heart of Gold Home Care facility. These services are provided in order to meet physical, maintenance and supportive needs. Also money management, shopping for personal items and grocery, accompanying client to personal appointments are part of HOG’s PCA category available for our clients. Personal care services may be provided as an emergency, episodic or on a continuous basis.

Our personal care services are provided on an unskilled and second hand base or cuing to encourage participant perform those personal care task within Heart of Gold Home Care facilities. HOG provides personal care services for all participants under our care by providing directives and supervision to enable participants accomplish those task they would normal do. HOG personal care service is created in order to support our client’s independence with dignity and compassion.

Respite (SLS and CES)

Heart of Gold provides respite services to participant due to the absence of those individuals who normally provide care and services for HCBS participants or in order to relief those individual caregivers. Mostly Heart of Gold Home Care Respite assistance is provided on a short term basis in our Home Care facility in an unskilled and second hand bases. We understand the trust you're giving to us. We know how much every family appreciates their loved one, and that caring for him or her is about more than following a schedule, therefore Heart of Gold Home Care respite caregivers offer companionship by providing services to both SLS and CES waiver in our home care facility in a short time basis or as needed in the absence of those who normally provide care.

Homemaker Services (SLS/CES)

Homemaker services includes both basic and enhanced provision of assistance to participants who are unable to perform day to day household tasks and have no one available to assist them. Such services include light housekeeping, meal preparation, laundry, grocery shopping, limited personal care and money management. These services are provided within the participant’s home.

Mentorship (SLS)

Heart of Gold provides Mentorship services to HCBS members in order to help in promoting self-support through the methods for guidelines, providing advices, experiences and modeling successful problem solving. Additionally, incorporates help with meeting future providers, providing knowledge of complicated health and safety issues, completing and reviewing safety assessments, going with member to therapeutic arrangement to help with speaking with providers, helping with subsequent follow-ups and discovering resources inside the community and family. Our mentorship enhances and encourages self-advocacy and community living among member on issues related to community living and real-world experiences. Heart of Gold Home Care provides mentorship and peer support services for all participant residing in our home care facility by creating connections between our client and the community, exploring resources and referral network, and facilitating inclusion.

Community Connector

HOG provides variety of opportunities to encourage and develop relationships and natural supports for our clients in the community while utilizing the community of learning environment to provide services and supports as listed in the participant's care plan. Our community connector service enables client access to typical activities in the community such as visiting our local library, museums, bowling, playground and visits to any recreational centers, Heart of Gold Home Care community connector services are provided in a wide range of setting to allow our client freedom to interact and socialize with other non-developmental disabled individuals in the community.

Family Caregiver Services

HOG recognizes that every individual has different needs, abilities and desires in their day-to-day care. We created the idea of family caregiver program which enables HCBS participant to live with a family member and receive the daily services and support from family member. Examples of services are support are: Medication administration, grooming, dressing, bathing, meal preparation house-keeping, and assistance with other activities of daily living (ADLs).

However, the family member providing services for our client is required to become an employee of Heart of Gold Home Health Care in order to receive all the necessary training required by state to provide services. Such training includes: CPR and first aid, Medication administration (QMAP), Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation and Mistreatment.

Healthy Living

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